Monday, August 29, 2011

Myself in English class

My name is Emalee Meyerhoff and this is my third year in high school. If I didn't have to be in school and if my friends weren't here I most likely would never come. I love learning but not the way schools teach and expect you to learn. I love being outdoors hanging with friends or just being alone watching the time go by. My favorite vacation spot is Current River in Missouri, my family and I try and go every summer. When I'm not outside I'll either be sleeping, watching t.v or checking my facebook page. I have no idea what I want to do a my job when I leave high school or even college. I do know that I would love to go to college in either Missouri or North Carolina which probably wont happen because my parents want me to stay home and go to the college here where I live. Even though I'm in a English class right now it is not my favorite class. My favorite class would have to be American History but I'm stuck here for now.

In my English class we are all assigned to write a blog each week on the book we picked to read. We didn't get to pick any ole' book, no that would be too easy, we had to choose a book from a list of books called the Read for a Life time list. This list consist of 25 book that the state of Illinois picked out. I know I didn't pick them out because there was only about two books that I would ever read, and I have already read one of them. The other book is the book I picked to read first for our first reading/blogging assignment. The book is called Autobiography of a Face. I have only read about twenty pages but I am hoping and I believe it will be a good book. My reasoning for choosing this book was like I said I saw only two books I could see myself reading and the other one I had already read. The other books were not something I could see myself being interested in or even taking a second look at if I was in a Library.

I hope while doing these blogs the prompts will be fun, a little easy but still good enough for us to have something to write about. For example, we could find pictures of people we could kind of relate to the people in the books then during the end of the book do it again and see if the people have changed and in what ways. We could always write about how we feel about the book, whats going on, or what big event has happened so far. For on of the prompts we could write on if the story has had an effect on us or if there are any connections the book has to our life and or if we can relate to what is going on. At the end of the book we could write a alternative ending or write how the Author could have made it better. All I really want from these prompts are that they are not boring and or not relative to the book I am reading.