Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hello, my name is Claire I'm from Connecticut and I’m the cousin Missy has probably talked about. My life is also different from the others. My family was chill and peaceful before this news had come up and made a big scene. I would never regret the choices I’ve made by meeting my other sisters and I always thought Missy more of one than a cousin but I could never say that I was completely on board with Missy plan. When she called me that day and told me her science project I was a little skittish. To know my true feelings alone was hard but to know that they could be true and to think of all the question I had for my parents was too much. Then when Genevieve called Missy and they wanted us all to meet up, that was so over whelming.  Even through that I caught a taxi and we chased that train to the meeting place and I will never forget the first time we all held hand and knew right there we were sisters. We didn’t know how it was possible but we just knew. We never had met before but I loved her just as much as I had always loved Missy. My life has changed so much but I can definitely say it’s been for the better.

Genevieve Candler

Hey, I'm Genevieve Candler and my story has the same ending as my newly found sisters but the start is much different. Growing up I was alone much of the time. My mom and dad had jobs they loved and always were coming home late for. On the weekends they loved to visit party’s and goes dancing. I kept to myself and didn't mind too much because I still loved my parents. Independence is fun. After school I would go see my grandma and teach the swimming class at her old folk home. I love my grandma very much, that’s why when I saw the YouTube video my friend sent me and wondered about not being related to my parents I became worried that she wouldn't love me the same way. That's was not the case. Seeing that video I knew I had to meet those two girls. I friended them on Facebook and Missy was the one to call me and speak about this new information about our lives. The other girl Claire was worried that this would ruin her family and she was scared, I understood but wanted nothing more than to meet her. So Missy and I arranged plans to meet so we could know for sure if we were sisters. I was so excited and nervous I could barely stand it. I wondered how this would affect my life. A part of me was filled with shame because I was almost glad not to be related to my parent’s because we were so different and have sisters, someone to talk to and hang out with. Now in the end I still love my parents and am glad I have them along with my new for real sister. Life is just getting brighter and brighter.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Letter to the Author

Dear Caroline B. Cooney,
            My name is Emalee Meyerhoff and I’m a junior at a high school in Southern Illinois. I have just finished your book called Three Black Swans for English class and have been doing frequent blog post about your book. I have never read anything like your book and that is one of the reasons I decided to indulge my self in your writing. I liked the way you showed multiple views of what was happening and I got to be inside everyone’s head almost the exact same time. I could never be a writer because I would want to do like you and have everyone’s thoughts in it and I would get so confused or ever forget who was saying what.
 Through out the whole book I have wondered on why and how you decided to write about this choice of topic and if you are pleased with the out come of you success with it? Do you ever wonder if this could turn into a movie or if one of your readers has had a type of experience like this? Have you been asked these questions before? Do you have a new book coming out soon or are you working on a new book? I’m excited for a new book to read from you. I wish you luck on your on going career.
Emalee Meyerhoff

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Visual for "Three Black Swans"

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This animoto is to give just a little of what the book "Three Black Swans" is about and whats in store if you read it. I wish the animoto was longer so I could tell more but I guess if you really want to find out, you'll have to read this book yourself.

Missy Vianello

Hello, my name is Missy Vianello.  I'm a junior at my local high school and in my science class we were learning about hoaxes. We had an assignment to create our own one and I had the perfect idea. My best friend and closest cousin looked exactly alike. My parents just said that it was a strong family resemblance. So for my project me and my cousin would show up at my school and  during the morning announcements I would come out with the great news that I had found my long lost twin. I had everything planed out; it was going to be great. My cousin on the other hand was a little nervous and didn't know what to think about it. We went through with it anyways. What I didn't know was how much more this project would affect me and my cousin than just a funny prank and a good grade. The video went viral and was posted all over YouTube and soon some girl added me on Facebook saying it was a manner of "life and birth". Who says that? Come to find out she look just like me and my cousin. We met and turns out we all are sisters in a weird and crazy story. My life has been a crazy ride but at least now I've found my two sisters that will help me through whatever happens.