Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Missy Vianello

Hello, my name is Missy Vianello.  I'm a junior at my local high school and in my science class we were learning about hoaxes. We had an assignment to create our own one and I had the perfect idea. My best friend and closest cousin looked exactly alike. My parents just said that it was a strong family resemblance. So for my project me and my cousin would show up at my school and  during the morning announcements I would come out with the great news that I had found my long lost twin. I had everything planed out; it was going to be great. My cousin on the other hand was a little nervous and didn't know what to think about it. We went through with it anyways. What I didn't know was how much more this project would affect me and my cousin than just a funny prank and a good grade. The video went viral and was posted all over YouTube and soon some girl added me on Facebook saying it was a manner of "life and birth". Who says that? Come to find out she look just like me and my cousin. We met and turns out we all are sisters in a weird and crazy story. My life has been a crazy ride but at least now I've found my two sisters that will help me through whatever happens.

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