Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Genevieve Candler

Hey, I'm Genevieve Candler and my story has the same ending as my newly found sisters but the start is much different. Growing up I was alone much of the time. My mom and dad had jobs they loved and always were coming home late for. On the weekends they loved to visit party’s and goes dancing. I kept to myself and didn't mind too much because I still loved my parents. Independence is fun. After school I would go see my grandma and teach the swimming class at her old folk home. I love my grandma very much, that’s why when I saw the YouTube video my friend sent me and wondered about not being related to my parents I became worried that she wouldn't love me the same way. That's was not the case. Seeing that video I knew I had to meet those two girls. I friended them on Facebook and Missy was the one to call me and speak about this new information about our lives. The other girl Claire was worried that this would ruin her family and she was scared, I understood but wanted nothing more than to meet her. So Missy and I arranged plans to meet so we could know for sure if we were sisters. I was so excited and nervous I could barely stand it. I wondered how this would affect my life. A part of me was filled with shame because I was almost glad not to be related to my parent’s because we were so different and have sisters, someone to talk to and hang out with. Now in the end I still love my parents and am glad I have them along with my new for real sister. Life is just getting brighter and brighter.

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