Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hello, my name is Claire I'm from Connecticut and I’m the cousin Missy has probably talked about. My life is also different from the others. My family was chill and peaceful before this news had come up and made a big scene. I would never regret the choices I’ve made by meeting my other sisters and I always thought Missy more of one than a cousin but I could never say that I was completely on board with Missy plan. When she called me that day and told me her science project I was a little skittish. To know my true feelings alone was hard but to know that they could be true and to think of all the question I had for my parents was too much. Then when Genevieve called Missy and they wanted us all to meet up, that was so over whelming.  Even through that I caught a taxi and we chased that train to the meeting place and I will never forget the first time we all held hand and knew right there we were sisters. We didn’t know how it was possible but we just knew. We never had met before but I loved her just as much as I had always loved Missy. My life has changed so much but I can definitely say it’s been for the better.

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