Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Round!

Just like the previous three quarters of this year we are starting this one just the same way, blogging, with a new book. I'm so glad that this is our last quarter and then I'll finally be done with this blogging stuff. I’ve never blogged before this class and though I can now say I have my feelings about it are pretty much the same as the start. It’s better than writing papers or daily journals but very easy to forget about and end up doing all the night before because it is all on computers.
            Any who, like I said, new quarter means new book and I decided to choose a short and easy book. Well, it’s more of just a book of scattered poems called The Dream Keeper and Other Poems. They were all written by Langston Hughes. I love readying poetry so I had hoped to love this book and maybe that would make blogging some what more fun or interesting. So far I greatly enjoy the poems he has created. The beautifully descriptive poems help illustrate his life as an African American during the racial times of slaves. I’d have to agree with the quote from The Horn Book when it describes it as “ A splendid combination of timeless works and timely illustrations.”  I also like the little sketches Brian Pinkney the illustrator has added to each poem.
 I know this quarter will go by really fast, it usually always does all though that means summers on its way that also means I’ve go to stay on top of these blogs and keep ready then finish my book, which I don’t think will be a problem, but you never know. Wish me luck…Here we go, last round!

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  1. When I came to view your page and saw that you were blogging about this book, I knew I had to comment. I saw this book on the list and I didn't think much about it, but then I started to hear more and more people saying how they really enjoyed the book. I think its interesting that it's written in different poems, it's something different than all of the other books on the list. Did you only choose this book because it looked easy or did you actually have an interest in reading the book? I think it's probably something you would have to go into with an open mind because of the poem style. If you're not use to that, I could see how it could be annoying. Have you been enjoying the book so far? I don't think this would be a necessarily easy read for blogging because you have to dig deep into what the poem actually means. I wish you would go into a little more detail about your experience blogging and what you really thought of it. Other wise I enjoyed reading your other posts. The only other advice I would add is to have them longer in length, but they are very enjoyable. Keep it up!