Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Simone's Vlog-Hey Simone! Loved your blog. How strange this will be my first time Vloging too! I liked the details you gave about the book, not too much just right. I'm actually thinking about reading that book for our next set of blogs. Thanks for the all the information!

Melinda's 20 Pictures- Hey. I love your twenty pictures that represent your book. Its like you don't even need the captions because the pictures explain them selves. These pictures really makes me interested and I want to read the book. I also love the picture choices for the two guys. If that's how they are described in the book then I'm defiantly going to real it! Good job and thanks for the pictures.

Hannah's 20 Ppictures- Hey Hannah. The pictures you choose to use are very cool. I love how they all catch your attention and you used colorful and very animated pictures. I've never heard of this book before but now seeing the picture you picked and reading the captions help me see what the book has in store. Hope you enjoyed your book!

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