Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Twenty-First Century English Classroom

So I've just been asked how I feel about having to be taught  and learn in a English classroom during this twenty-first century. Personally I have a whole lot of mixed feelings. In this age the classroom is filled with computers, flash drives, smart boards, and everywhere you are in the building you can get an Internet connection. As much of a convenience it might be I think it is a total cop out to our education. If you need to write a paper, you have Word Document which all you have to do is type what you need and it will spell check, double space, give you page numbers, give you synonyms and even different fonts and sizes to help make you work longer than what it really is. Using the Document with spell check means you don't even need to know how to spell anymore or even have legible handwriting the computer does it for you. The use of knowing how to spell, or use the Thesaurus to look up synonyms is irrelevant now. Not only the Word Document but also the whole Internet site including Google, Bing, Yahoo Search and Wikapedia is just a cop out. You barley have to do anything to find out information about anything in the world. What happened to reading and using the library to actually find research and new information on a subject? It was called using your brain and the resources you had. I believe because of these easy, new and "improved" sources we are becoming lazier and more stupid. Don't get me wrong I do have a facebook, e-mail, and obviously a blog site but that's because the age I was born into has corrupted me and sucked me into the its technological ways that make us all lazy and use the easy  way out and also, to get a grade in my English class I have to use these sources so the wrap up is that I think that an English class in the twenty-first century is lazy and its ways have become useless and I feel as though I don't learn what I truly need and in a way I wish we would go back to some of the old ways and use our brain more and explore more text during the class.

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