Thursday, May 3, 2012

Word Image!

A word image from using the words Langston Hughes, Harlem Renaissance, life, dreams, African American, writer and poet. All these words describe the writer and writing in my fourth quarter book " Dream Keeper". I used the heart shape not only because I thought it was pretty but also because I personally love his poems and the people of his time and even now still think of him as an inspiration


  1. Hi I'm Michelle from Fremd. I love word images like this because I feel like they show many separate things all combined together.That is kind of like poems, many different lines all coming together as one poem

  2. Hey Im Lauren from Fremd! This image caught my eye because being in AP US History, we learned about the Harlem Renaissance and Langston Hughes specifically. I have not read his work, but I love how you potrayed it in the heart!

  3. Hey, i'm brenna from fremd! i love word images as well. i feel like they really express feelings well. I like how all of the things that inspire you are in a heart!